Mobile Technologies
Grado – new quality in the warehouse management.

We know how important in the functioning of the company is efficiency of the warehouse management. It was the main reason to develop Grado.
Using Grado you can:
- Reduced inventory costs,
- raising the level of customer service by speeding up processes orders,
- streamlining of warehouse operations by sharing clear and accurate inventory data,
- optimizing the use of the magazine surface,
- strict control over transfers of materials in warehouses,
- communication of the warehouse workers with the central system in real time,
- minimize quantitative and product categories mistakes in shipments of goods.
Soccoro Take your company into your pocket.

In the present times everyone is in a hurry, especially if you managing company. That is the reason why we developed Soccoro. It is a suite of tools to work on mobile devices for collecting orders, issuing documents, check current inventory and payments. This allows for fast and smooth operation everywhere and all the time. All you need is a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
A demonstration system is equipped with the following items: the main device – Master,
slaves - SubMaster - the ability to connect 16 of these devices to the main unit,
implementing units - Slave - up to 128 devices in a single system,
temperature sensors - up to 32 in a single system,
the communication module with an alarm system,
GSM GPRS communication,
USB connectors.
Furthermore, the system is able to:
maintain a register of events, temperature readings, information about the transmission of GSM and GPRS - a record is made on the SD card, measure the voltage of the individual modules.
FlowGate 1
Application: telemetry data collection systems (water meters, heat meters, electricity meters, etc..)
and the transmission of data to the billing system

FlowGate 2
Application: switching circuit by using a wireless card.

FlowGate 3
Application: free, remote opening gates, barriers, bolts or controlling any device using a mobile
phone, by "calling" to the SIM card number installed in the control unit.

FlowGate 4
Application: switching valves (or other devices) using the cards previously programmed (prepaid).
Tenpin Tracker: one place, millions games

An application made by people for whom tenpin bowling is the most important sport of all. This smart app will help you see your progress, remember your victories, make notes about your game results, the place where you last played or even with whom you played. Tenpin Tracker was made for all bowling lovers. No matter how often you bowl and how good you are, Tenpin Tracker will help you increase your playing skills. With this application your bowling will never be the same for sure. You can easily download Tenpin Tracker from Google Play Store.
Creating software and websites for those who love sports
is really exciting.
We would like to show you two of out latest projects:
Tenpin Tracker - application and website for bowlers
Marunthon.com - multifunctional website for runners
Our life is a maruthon.
An website made by people for whom running is the whole life. Marunthon will help you to find upcoming running events close to you or in different countries. You can easily create your own route manually using google maps or you can upload gpx file. You can create a new gallery with photographs from the selected run – which is very important for those who run. By adding events to your private calendar you will never miss a run. You will be to get newest information from running world and read articles about running clothes for runners, exercise for them and diets. Marunthon.com combines all important things for runners.
Different types of games such as: adventure games, logic games, 3D games are preparing for Android, Windows Mobile and iOS. Graphic department:
- graphics designer are responsible for developing the whole backgrounds, images of worlds and textures
Animation and testing department:
- animators and 3D graphics preparing models
- They are responsible for functional tests of the game
Phogis - Your photos, your albums, your privacy
If you are looking for a platform where you can easily save your photos and be sure that nobody will get access to them – you are in right place. An website made by people for whom photography is important part of their life. Phogis will help you to create your own private photo albums. You can share your photos with friends by sending them a safe link to your album or decide to be the only one who see your photos. You are able to add your own tags to easily manage your photos. You can be sure that we will never publish your photos. Phogis is cost-free
Virtual training

Registering video trainings to be analyzed later is an old standard. We added the third dimension which does not require investing in new and specialized equipment. Thanks to two smartphones and our application a stereoscopic image is created, so that the observer can track the distance from particular objects. In sports such as bowling or running, the quality of movement and timing are the most essential elements. Our solution makes it possible to place the objects and the camera precisely, and therefore to be able to check whether the contestant's movement is in accordance with the track planned (e.g. if the hand does not miss the throw line).

Training medical assistant

Lack of perseverance is the main reason of failures; it is difficult to motivate to everyday exercises. Regular exercises are important not only in everyday life, but also, or mainly during the time of rehabilitation. Our product allows for controlling the exercising calendar and, by means of the accelerometer function, not only registers the training's time, but also its quality. The doctor gives the patient a training schedule, the application reminds about fulfilling it. The patient trains with his smartphone. During the next appointment, the application analyzes whether the training schedule was fulfilled in the right and in proper quality.
Ultrasound scan

Our R&D department uses Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to analyze scans, especially in medicine. We create advanced analytical algorithms based on neuron networks and genetic algorithms, which classify and analyze images. We use the image generated by ultrasound devices in order to find dysfunctions. On this basis, a doctor carrying out the examination is immediately supported while conducting the ultrasound examination. Thanks to the cooperation with a medical clinic, our solutions are tested in ambulatory conditions, and the support of professionals doctors and physiotherapists allows us to constantly verify the systems.
Pinpro Bowling Scoring
Universal system for collecting, processing and sharing information about your bowling competitions. It allows, by using the administrator Panel to define bowling competitions by any scheme. After defining the system allows to register players for chosen rounds. Also the system enables to register individual, pair and team competitions according to pre-defined rules. Moreover the system records earned points in bowling competitions and on this basis builds classifications and various rankings for both individuals and teams.
e-Accountancy is an original project by Infi Consulting working in the legal-tax consultancy field, conducting IT audits and assisting in acquisition of EU funds. Let's have a look at the latest innovative solution for small and medium business - the eAccountancy platform. We do realize that finding the key to a company's success is not easy. There are numerous factors influencing the success of an organisation, such as: earnings, generated income, costs, time, specialists, accessible technologies and clients' satisfaction. That is why the eAccountancy platform was created. Our project is directed to peolpe and companies working within the small and medium business sector in Poland. eAccountancy is an innovative Internet platform working within the fields of accountancy and finance. It allows for conducting advanced analyses and reports. The user can be provided with compex service in terms of tax, legal-accountancy services as well as economic and financial consultancy. Insurance policies guarantee the safety of subjects using the eAccountancy platform.
Localization in stock
GPS systems do not work in buildings. In order to overcome this problem, our company has created a localization system to be used inside buildings. Thanks to the original technology, broadcasting devices were created, which can be localized inside any building. The low cost of the device makes it possible to implement this solution on a mass scale without budget difficulties, its small size allows to mount it anywhere, and the battery working for several years does not require maintenance. The product is ideal for: - hotels - for inventorying room equipment, - companies - to localize fixed assets, - production companies - to localize tools (e.g. dies, forms, etc.), - sales companies - to localize products. Localization is made immediately, so that the operator can track the tool's location in real time. The possibility of software integration allows for linking the system with e.g. ERP system in order to track the location of a fixed asset or link with the control system in order to automatically control whether a given tool did not leave the zone.
Nowadays, when almost all existing devices are equipped with the geolocation system (GPS), we are able to use it during different kinds of physical activity, for example cycling, running and kayaking. Now recording devices that can be easily mounted on a helmet or attached to the bike are more and more popular. More interest in this type of cameras is noticeable, that is why interest in our solution will continue to increase. Our system allows the coupling of the camera image with the location of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). This allows not only us but our film receivers know where it was registered, and in each and every of its frame! From now on, each of us can become a director of an action film in which it is we who play the leading role! The system that we have created is already used by amateurs and people who practise sport professionally. This solution helps professionals in analyzing the capacity of their body and check the moments during their pass, run, and run-off when they encountered obstacles that can be eliminated in the future. Our system will allow amateurs to share their achievements with family and friends or with the whole world! What is more, the routes that you cover can become an inspiration to other athletes when determining new routes.
A fully organized and equipped with the necessary tools research and development department operates as part of the InnovaIT. This unit is managed by a person who are individuals with years of experience in the IT industry as well as the necessary education to function in the IT environment. At the moment, one of the projects is the artificial intelligence system that allows the processing of information received by an external devices, eg. cameras to record digital editable spreadsheet. This project can be used as a recorder of license plate numbers of vehicles entering the highway and automatically send notifications of the need to pay for the toll section of the road; in this way it can replace the toll.